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E-Rickshaw Advertising

E Rickshaw Ads by VYAPARMANTRA. On a Pan BIHAR AND India level E Rickshaw Advertisement is undertaken by VYAPARMANTRA. E Rickshaw advertising is useful for various clients, right from luxury brands to local ones. VYAPARMANTRA is the top Rickshaw Advertising agency in PATNA AND India, to be doing these campaigns since last 10 years. E Rickshaw ads are done in rural markets too by VYAPAR MANTRA. VYAPAR MANTRA are pioneer in E Rickshaw advertising. E Rickshaw advertisement in urban areas is done by VYAPAR MANTRA team. E Rickshaw advertising in many has display on back sticker, as well as E Rickshaw Hood. E Rickshaw advertising is done in cities as well as outskirts. Rain cover branding is done by VYAPAR MANTRA in PATNA. E Rickshaw advertisement is one of the most cost Effective advertisements medium. VYAPAR MANTRA is the leading rickshaw ad agency PATNA ads on E Rickshaws are mobile in nature and will roam throughout the town. Rickshaw advertising PATNA is done on the back side of E Rickshaw. Rickshaw branding E Rickshaw advertising provides effective BTL branding solution. Advertising on E Rickshaw Holds audience captive, and thus gives effective visibility to the brand. Call 08210540326 visit http://www.VYAPARMANTRA.com E Rickshaw ADVERTISING media is a very cost effective media to advertise on.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Patna

E Rickshaw ADVERTISING is effective because one E Rickshaw travels minimum 50 to 60 km in one shift so it catches maximum eyeballs. VYAPAR MANTRA is the pioneer of E Rickshaw ADVERTISING in PATNA VYAPAR MANTRA is the sole advertising agency of E Rickshaw ADVERTISING in PATNA VYAPAR MANTRA also undertakes E Rickshaw ADVERTISING at PAN INDIA level.

The E Rickshaws plying 24 * 7 on the roads, highways, lanes and by lanes of PATNA, the brand's visibility is truly mobile and wide-spread through E Rickshaw ADVERTISING.

A branded E Rickshaw in PATNA stands out from the clutter of posters, hoardings, banners. Being a new medium, E Rickshaw Branding draws curiosity and grabs attention. Advertisement on E Rickshaw lights up at night..... *Brightly* E Rickshaw Branding is the most affordable outdoor medium. E Rickshaw Branding in PATNA effective reach amongst 10 to 60 year olds. E Rickshaw is a mobile hoarding maneuver into even those areas which other vehicles cannot reach! E Rickshaws tend to stay in prime locations in search of customers, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand. The best feature of E Rickshaw advertising in PATNA is that the entire traffic conspires to become your captive audience,

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